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1 : Office Proposition for Key Waterfront Site

2 : Office Proposition for Key Waterfront Site - Collaboration Potential

3 : Office Campus Proposition - Tall Buildings of up to 14 Storeys / 60 metres

4 : Luxury Residential Proposal


ArchiAssets is a collection of Self Originated Speculative Design Proposals published in Digital Format. These Proposals comprise well defined Creative IP in the form of Design Intent 


During 2010 - 2015 I created a number of speculative Residential Design Concepts as a means to sharpen Design Skills and to upskill in CGI / Visualization. Larger Scale Proposals were subsequently conceived as a 'What If' Response to Sites with Future Development Potential. These included Proposals for the Adaptive Reuse of National Monuments into Museums with Potential for Major Economic Spin Off Benefits.


The Design Intent inherent in the Proposals aims to be on balance both Commercially reasonable whilst also making a greater than average contribution to the Urban Realm.

Benefits of Predictive Development Propositions

A Proactive / Predictive approach allows a Designer / Originator more freedom to progress the Optimum or near Optimal Design Response when removed from the influence of Multiple Parties whose agendas are often diametrically opposed. 

Having Pre Published Proposals available for Consideration where Design intent is outlined can be advantageous. These Design Proposals require further input and development, and a number of Proposals are sufficiently well defined to provide a framework or direction from which more detailed work can be advanced. 

The Speculative work I have undertaken to date could be classified as follows

Equity Creation / Economic Catalyst Proposals / Innovation / Research / Advocacy Projects

Brief Development / Brand Development / Vision Documents / Strategic Planning

Architectural Concept Design / Design Strategy  / Design Thinking / Design Development

Urban Design / Masterplanning / Visualization etc etc.

Who might be Interested

  • Property Developers, REITs, Real Estate Investment Funds.

  • Forward Funders, Investors, Financiers, Pension Funds, Banks. 

  • End Users - Multinational Public Listed Companies

  • Leading Public Listed Multinational AEC Companies 

  • Hotel / Apartment Developers + Rental Operators

  • Other Stakeholders 

  • Leading Design Led Architectural Firms + Aligned with Existing Developer Clients. 

  • HNW Individuals or Business Consortiums etc. 

  • Combinations of the Above

Entreprenuerial approach /  IP

The Work constitutes a Proactive Entreprenuerial Approach to the Initial RIAI / RIBA Stages of Architectural Services. Much of the Conceptual Thinking and Brief Formation behind the Proposals is difficult to quantify unless by comparison with International Precedents. The Proposals are Personal Design Responses and are Copyright. 



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