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Student Apartments for R.C.S.I


Client : Royal College of Surgeons

Design : Brian O'Halloran Architects

Location : Noel Purcell Walk, Dublin 2

Date : 2004


Project Backround

The RCSI required Additional Accomodation for Students within the Mercer Library Site. An Existing Building containing Student Apartments was unable to support New Construction Loads. Two Previous Planning Applications for the Site had been refused.


Project Description 

Two Levels of Apartments are supported on a Steel Portal Frame Structure incorporating a Rooftop Platform. This Superstructure acts free of the Existing Building. The Superstructure comprises pairs of columns stiffened by horizontal bracing which is concealed behind Timber Cladding. 

New Bays were proposed for some existign apartments in order to Unify the Proposed Extension with the Existing Building.  A Timber Cornice wraps around the Building at Existing Roof Parapet Level concealing the steel platform and balancing the Vertical elements. Planning Permission granted in 2004.

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Elevation to Longford Street Little

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Floor plans

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