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New Residential Street and Vista toward Public Plaza + Cultural Attraction

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PROPOSAL FOR SLIGO DOCKLANDS + CULTURAL CENTERPIECE :                                           Initiated in 2015 / 2016 : Prior to the Launch of Ireland 2040 Consultation. Originally Published as 'Sligo 2030 '                    



  • Anchor Building - International Cultural Attraction - Mythology + Regional Archaeology / Armada Heritage

  • Gateway Tower - 10 Storey with Glazed Rooftop Lounge Bar : Adaptable for Hotel or Office Space

  • Linear Riverside Park : Maratime Exibits, Sculptures, Playground, Watersports+Outdoor Fitness facilities,Wind Trees

  • Residential Quarter including New Street formation - Height Varies. Typically 4 to 6 Storeys South and West Facing Balconies

  • Creative Hub , Archaeological Annex to Sligo I.T. with Commercial Units Under ( Restaraunts etc )

  • Waiting Areas for Boat Tours , Tourist Info. Kiosk , Public Wc.s , Provision for Future People Moving System

  • Office Space with on site Facilities for Employees - Creche, Gym etc

  • Future Student Accommodation for IT Sligo

  • Wellness Center for Elderly Citizens

Broader Docklands Potential ( Not Illustrated above )

  • Innovation / Technology / Business Hub

  • SuperMarket / Retail

  • South Facing Waterfront Housing to North Cartron Edge

  • New Rail and Bus Transport Node with Park and Ride 

  • Localised Power Grid supplemented by Wind Trees, Tidal, Solar etc

  • New Garda Station / Library / Relocated Sports Ground?

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Residential Square, Listed Buildings and Cultural Building beyond

Case for Proposal - why Sligo ?

Sligo is the Regional Capital of the North West of Ireland and is well positioned Geographically to influence the Growth of the entire North West Region. It was previously designated as a Gateway City given that it has the Spatial and Infrastructural Potential required to expand. In order for Sligo to grow into a City it requires significant Government and Private Investment. Innovative Proposals which Illustrate the future Urban Fabric of Sligo can strengthen the case for such Investment. Under the NPF & 'Ireland 2040', several Regional cities are to be prioritised for expansion as a way to balance Economic and Social Growth across Ireland.

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Typical Residential Square

Sligo Docklands Development Plan + Backround to the Proposal

Sligo Development Plan makes provision for the future Regeneration of the Docklands. Sligo Borough Council has previously published a Document which indicates Potential for the Docklands (2007). This Framework suggests a Feature Tower, a Riverside Park, a New Transport Hub, a possible Light Rail route, and Anchor buildings ( ie. Conference Centre ). My Proposal extrapolates on this puts Architectural Form on the previous 2D Outline. A Unique International Tourist Attraction could be placed at the Core of the Masterplan. In addition, the Masterplan might include departure points for Boat Tours, a new Archaeology Dept for Sligo IT and a Creative Hub possibly including Film Studios & Space Stages. The remainder would comprise Residential and Commercial, and a Business Quarter Further West to close the Link with the Existing Industrial Estate.

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National Planning Framework  -  Should Sligo Aspire to be one of Irelands 10 Largest Urban Areas ?

Sligo Docklands contains many sites of Greenfield and Brownfield Development Potential with Strategic Regional Value relative to the exisiting built fabric of Sligo. In order for the Town of Sligo to grow into a City capable of attracting Future Investment and Employment it must look to the Docklands for Expansion. From Sligo County Council Website "The proximity to the city centre, the waterfront along the Garavogue Estuary, the unparalleled views of Benbulben, Knocknarea and the sea, the variety of greenfield and brownfield lands with development potential – all these features confer a special character to the wider Docklands area.

The Docklands LAP needs a clear vision of what it hopes to achieve, and how this will bring benefits in the long term, if it is to be effective in regenerating the area" 

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