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Stanmore Road 

Projects / City Housing / 40 Apartment Units


Client : Royal Investments Pty.

Design : Morris Bray Architects

Location : Stanmore, Sydney, NSW

Date : 2003

Project Backround

Site zoned for Inner City Regeneration. High Density development allowed with 5 storeys including semi basement parking permitted to the Southern Frontage of the Site facing Stanmore Road. Stipulation by Local Authority that this portion of the Development be Designed so as to minimise massing and have the 'appearance' of a 3 Storey Building.


Project Description 

31 Apartment Units in a 5 storey Block and 9 Townhouse Units with Communal green space over Basement Parking. 

Apartments are orientated north south at 4m grid spacings and overlap central corridors at intermittent levels. This provides for dual aspect naturally cross ventilated apartment units. The Proposal comprises floor to ceiling glazing and generous balconies to the Northern aspect (Southern hemisphere Sun path). Large 2 Storey 'feature window' configurations and smaller voids are employed to create a facade to Stanmore road which reduces apparent volume.

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