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Area treated as a Masterplanned Architectural Setpiece. Aerial Map View courtesy of Google

Projects / Civic / New National Museum

Location : Customs House Dublin

Client : TBC

Proposal : D. Murphy

Date : 2018

Project Backround

Proposals for Custom House / Four Courts. Adaptive Reuse comparable to the British Museum / Singapore National Art Gallery


Project Proposition 

Collection of the National Museum of Ireland (Archaeology etc) moved to a Larger World Class Museum Experience within a more Prominent Public Setting. Customs House or Four Courts with New Courtyards enclosed by High Tech Glazed Roof Structures.

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Diagrammatic Cross Section through Proposed Central Court 

Glazed Roof + New Roof level Dining / Garden spaces

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Diagrammatic Plan showing Courtyards , Indicative Supports and Potential Circulation

New Courtyards become the Hub of the Museum acting as Civic Living Rooms with cafes and seating. Museum Collection is located within the Existing Georgian Building which is Restored and Upgraded. Public Circulate freely through the Building Wings via the Courtyards. One or more Feature access stairs are proposed. Internal Rooftop opportunities such as Dining , Reading Space or Display are created with the Custom House Dome experienced in Close Proximity.

Diagrid or other High Tech Roof Structure Proposed over Courtyards. Option for a Roof Primarily supported at intervals by Tree shaped Steel Column Structures and spanning up and over Inner Courtyards with minimal Loads on Existing Building Structure. Option for a Full Diagrid Roof with Ringbeam Edge support is subject to Capacity of Existing Building to receive Structural Load. 

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Sketch Axonometric illustrating intent to Enclose Internal Courtyards

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Basement Areas contain Public Services such as Washrooms , Cloakrooms, Storage etc. Limited Car Parking underground in existing Grounds.  New Public Plaza and Gardens to Riverfront with suggested Semicircular shaped Riverfront Walk to encircle Building. Emergency / Service vehicle access only to Riverfront.

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1st Design Intention Diagrammatic Sketch

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Internal Courtyard entirely re-imagined with alterations to Central Wings.

New Classical Colonnade with Gallery + Rooftop Dining space over.

Enhanced Classical Fenestration to entire Internal Courtyard surrounds.

Expansive Ground Floor Public Space which accentuates view of Roof Structure.

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Exemplary Precedents. (Photos D.Murphy)

Great Court at the British Museum

National Gallery Singapore

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