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Projects / Interior Design / Proposal for Apartment Development - Singapore


Client : N/A

Design : D. Murphy

Location : Singapore

Date : 2013

Project Backround

Block of Apartment Units which is based upon the Desirability for Natural Cross Ventilation to Habitation in Sub Tropical Climates and also the luxury of Private Open Space which allows for the type of Indoor to Outdoor Living associated with warm locales. 

Project Description


Apartment Units arranged around a Courtyard allow for cross ventilation of Living and Bedroom Spaces. Semi Private Lift access and Stair egress for each Block of Units opens up the Courtyard aspect of each Unit for cross ventilation. 

Apartments range from 3 Bed Units at lower levels to 1 and 2 Bed Penthouse Units with larger private open space. Continuous balconies project and wrap around each unit providing shaded outdoor areas in addition to solar heat gain reduction for the interiors. All Units have generous utility and storage, along with concealed outdoor clothes drying areas. 

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