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Location : Kilkenny, Ireland

Concept + Design : Darragh Murphy 2017

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Project Description


Outline Proposal for Sunken Civic Space in Kilkenny Castle Courtyard. Potential for future Exposure + Incorporation of Underlying Castle Remnants into an additional Tourist attraction. Potential to make an enclosed reconstruction of elements of the Original Medieval Castle Courtyard ( reduced scale )  Other uses might include Gallery or Performance space for Festivals etc. Alternative Location might be in the Rose Garden with Seperate entrance from Parade and Existing Link to Castle Upgraded.

Update 2022

With the benefit of hindsight,  this proposal for a prominent glazed roof to the courtyard of Kilkenny Castle was inappropriate. A sunken Courtyard space lit from above by a number of conical rooflights of varying size might be worth exploring however. Alternatively, the provision of a performance space or other public amenity / attraction , to be located remote from the Castle building but somewhere within the wider Castle grounds might be worth considering ( refer to previous proposal for swimming pool, bowling green and tennis courts from 1964 )

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Green Wall or Mirrored Glazing Option so Structure 'disappears' into Landscape.

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Connemara Marble Cladding Option.