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Dublin London : City Airport 

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 Poolbeg Estuary Airport : Darragh Murphy- 2020

Project Description


Idea for Future City Airport on Poolbeg Peninsula

Pros & Cons to Consider

  • Centrally Located Airport within 20 Minutes to Existing and Future CBD's

  • Viable for future forms of Aviation ie. Electric Hybrid / Vertical Takeoff etc ?

  • Viable in future scenario where Jet Engine Noise can be reduced significantly ? 

  • Aimed at Biz / Tourism Travellers between London & Dublin - Eases pressure on Existing Hub ?

  • Existing Dublin Nth. Airport focus switches to Long Haul / Emerging Markets / Freight ? 

  • Frees up runway space at Dublin Airport North for Global / Regional Carriers ? 

  • May negate future requirement for Night-time Air Traffic at Dublin North ?

  • Relatively close to Existing and Dormant City Rail Lines - connections / upgrades ?

  • Links to National Rail Infrastructure & Potential Cost Offset from Metro North Link ?

  • Retains Good Road link to Dublin North Airport through Port Tunnel 

  • Long Term Cost Savings due to Reduction in M50 Traffic and in Nth-Sth City Traffic ? 

  • Significant reduction in city edge traffic congestion on Dublin to Belfast traffic corridor ?

  • Catalyst for Dublin Port CBD and Sandymount Land reclamation for Housing ?

  • Possible Synergies and Cost Efficiences if Planning integrated with Potential New CBD @ Dublin Port ?

  • Possible Synergies and Cost Efficiences if Planning integrated with Land Reclamation @ Sandymount ? 

  • Potential Synergies with any future requirement for Coastal Defence against rising Sea Level ?

  • Landing and Takeoff from Irish Sea - Reduced Noise due to Water Takeoff + Safety improvements ?

  • Upfront Cost of Runway, Terminal + Land Reclamation 

  • Noise Level impact on Residential zones with existing Jet Engines too great

  • Co-ordination required with existing North South Flight Paths

  • Low Height Zone required to East over City for Go Around Scenarios 

  • Impact on Potential for Tall Buildings to Immediate East within 2-3km 

  • Consolidation / Relocation of Large Proportion of Port Facilities

  • Location of Poolbeg Incinerator and its Projected Building Lifecycle

  • Long Term Investment value of Poolbeg Incinerator. Amortisation etc

  • Removal and Disposal of Excavated Material 

  • Increased Pressure on Existing City Rail infrastructure

  • Cross Wind + Fog Exposure from Dublin Bay 

  • Impact on Natural Environment of Dublin Bay. 

  • Visual Impact for Residents in Vicinty. Views from Howth etc. 

  • Proximity to Kish Bank Array Wind Farm Proposal