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 Dublin Dome + Round Tower Concept + Design : Darragh Murphy 2017 - 2020

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Project Description


Speculative Illustrative Proposition for a Potential Future Waterfront Precinct including 2 Feature Buildings as Catalysts Dublin Dome and Round Tower Building

Location : Dublin 

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Example of Potential Location in Future Waterfront Precinct

Potential Transport Links : Rail (Green) + Road (Red)

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Indicative Sketch to illustrate Potential for a Future Waterfront CBD / Urban Precinct in Dublin. Pre Planned Cityscape with retained green space between Tall Building allotments to prevent 'crowding' effect as Skyline evolves. Landscaped Public Recreational +Amenity Zone to Waterfront comparable with Marina Bay Singapore. Public Level raised to provide a number of car parking and utlity zones 

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Mixed Use Version

Level B1 to B3 : Car Parking / Foodcourt / Plant Rooms

Level 1 - 3 : Luxury Retail Units / Washrooms / Circular Walk + Gardens

Level 4 - 5 : Workplace Units / Private Office Suites / Dining / 'Sky Walk'

Rooftop Level : Tropical Plants / Learning Space / 'Sky Cafe'

Central Space : Rainforest Feature / Water Feature / 'Volcano Experience' 

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Exemplary Precedent for Illustrative Purposes

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Singapore Waterfront : Marina Bay Sands, Gardens by the Bay, Flowerdome Experience. Built via Land Reclamation.

Photo Credit : Mike Enerio via Unsplash. Royalty Free Photo Source