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Projects / Retail / Central Park Phase 2/3


Client : Local Business Consortium

Design : D. Murphy / David Lawlor

Location : Carrick on Shannon, Leitrim

Date : 2001

Project Backround

Commercial Phases of a Masterplan for a greenfield site in Carrick on Shannon town centre. Anchor Tenant Supermarket with ancillary retail at Ground Floor and 2 additional levels of Office space. Permission granted after protracted Planning Consultations.

Project Description 

Scaled up Contemporary Vernacular Design treatment. Two Blocks are positioned so as to create a transition space between a Public Plaza and a secondary plaza to the west connecting in turn to Main Street via a series of archways. 

There is provision for further Phases 4/5 by way of a new public road through the site. These Phases would comprise of the regeneration of the rear yards of existing Retail properties facing onto Main Street.

Materials employed are consistent with Phase 1 residential - natural stone, plaster, synthetic slate, zinc  and timber effect cladding to boxed windows. Area = circa 20,000m2

Phase 2 Development ( Anchor Unit + Offices ) set beside Phase 1 Apartments. Phase 3 Offices / Retail in Plaza beyond

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Phases 1 / 2 / 3 Plan with Car Park / Plaza to double as Occasional Market Space

Phase 2 - Sth Elevation. Drive through Retail Unit Servicing concealed behind Stone Wall

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Phase 2 Office Layout

Phase 3 Office Retail + Phase 4 Plaza to connect to Main Street 

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Phase 2 / Phase 3 Illustration showing intention for Use of Vernacular Materials

Phase 2 North / East Elevations

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