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Location : London

Proposal : D. Murphy

Date : 2018 

Backround : London Skyline

Proposition for a Contemporary Adaptation of a Gothic Revival Tower as a Counterweight to other Tall Buildings planned for Central London. 


Description : Landmark Tower Building.

Contemporary Structural Frame and Floor Plate arrangement. Octagonal Shaped Core. Floor to Floor Height - 4m. Gothic Revival Embellishment.


Key Feature of Proposal is for Visible Elevator Access and Movement - 2 No. at each Corner housed within Stone and Glass Clad Buttress Structures. Elevators arrive at Glazed Rooftop Skygarden Space to expansive views over City. 


Central Core footprint is reduced creating Additional Floor Space.Central Core consisting of Escape Stairs, Washrooms, Service Risers + Service Lifts to Spire Level. Traditional Architectural Language to Facades with 5-7 Storey Undercroft Space at Ground Floor Level. Design Intent is for Jewel Like Effect by Night.


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Contemporary Adaptation of a 1904 Gothic Revival Proposal. Overall Form and Footprint of the Building is somewhat similar to what was originally proposed but with Contemporary Modifications to include new Facade Articulation. 

A Key Feature of the Proposal is the intended Expression of Movement from a Ground Level Undercroft to a Glazed Rooftop SkyGarden Space by 2 Tier Elevators. This Feature is somewhat inspired by the visible Elevator Bank to the Leadenhall building by Rogers Stirk Harbour. 

The Elevators might be in a distinctive colour and incorporate controlled feature lighting. Access for the Public to the SkyGarden via Glazed Elevators at Four Corners enclosed by Stone and Glass Clad Buttresses offering a two way viewing Experience. Design Intent is for a Jewel Effect by Night with integral Public Light show ala Marina Bay

Basic 3D Model - 1st Iteration

Block Model 3D Study to Illustrate Concept. Panoramic Glazed Elevator Experience at Corners with Continuous Motion. Public Access to Dome featuring Skygarden / Dining etc.              

Garden Space and Glazed Foyer to MultiLevel Undercroft.

Gothic Revival Embellishment not shown ( Flying Buttress Detailing to Dome, Spires, Cladding + Window detailing etc ).Materials -  Bronze / Pre Patinated Copper to Brown / Gold Finish / Stone 

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Gothic Revival Exemplar. Indicative view from intended location of original Proposal.

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