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Round Tower Building

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Originator/Design : Darragh Murphy

Proposed Location : Dublin

Date : 2019

Project Backround

Potential for Iconic Landmark Building Project to Dublin Waterfront. Strong Brand Association Potential

Project Description

Signature / Landmark Office Building for a potential future Dublin Precinct referencing Irish Round Tower.

Circular Plan Shape. 'Turret' Form to Tower with Roof Deck enclosed by Curtain Wall Glazing. Glazing to be 2 tone : Green Tint + transparent. 

Random Rubble / Cut Stone to Building Base within RC / Steel Exoskeleton Structure. Stone Base Features to be either exposed or behind Glazed Facade. Arch shaped Entrances. Horizontal Fritting / Solar Shading to Glazing to reference Masonry Construction

Central Core with Elevators, Escape Stairs Washrooms and Service Lifts / Risers. Potential for meeting rooms / private offices / break out space in zones formed by cruciform plan. 

Image description
Image description

Suggestion for Potential Location. 

RoundTower Elevation : Night

Ground Floor / Mezzanine Level Plans : Draft 2

Image description
Image description

Typical Floor - Cellular Office Mix / Open Plan : Draft 2

Cellular Office Floor / Roof Plan Level 1 - Bar / Dining : Draft 2

Indicative Sketch to Illustrate Potential Context - ie. for a Future Waterfront Precinct in Dublin. 

Pre Planned Cityscape with retained green space between Tall Building allotments to prevent 'crowding' effect as Skyline evolves. Landscaped Public Recreational +Amenity Zone to Waterfront comparable with Marina Bay Singapore. Public Level raised to provide a number of car parking and utlity zones 

Floor Plans in Ascending Order : Draft 2

Image description
Image description
Image description
Image description

Earliest Sketches. 

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