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Client : R.C.S.I.

Design : D. Murphy / BOHAA

Location : Manama, Bahrain

Date : 2005

Project Backround

Brian O Halloran Architects were commisioned by R.C.S.I to prepare a Brief and Masterplan for a new Medical University to serve the Arabian Gulf. The Site is located on reclaimed land adjacent to the site fo the King Hamad Hospital.

Project Description 

I prepared a Brief Document outlining the scope of the Medical University with allowance for adaptability and future expansion. Liaised with Heads of departments in RCSI to discuss requirements for the various Medical disciplines. 

Prepared Masterplan drawings and physical Model. Proposal comprised a Central Building consisting of Lecture Theatres, Social Areas, Canteen and Conference Rooms with Buildings containing the medical disciplines encircling this  creating a curved Atrium space.

Provision for additional medical wings and laboratories to extend outward and upward in a Radial Configuration. Student Housing Blocks are proposed to the West and arranged in a series of Arcs to assist with shelter from annual South Westerly Sandstorms. Finished Building was broadly based on Initial Masterplan

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