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Projects / Urban Design / Michans House Phase 1


Client : N/A

Design : D. Murphy

Location : Church St. , Dublin 7

Date : 2011 - 2013

Project Backround

Proposed Urban Regeneration project creates new Street edges along Church St, Greek St and Mary's Lane. Potential for new street corner at junction of Church and Chancery st. if Bridewell relocated.

Project Description 

Cluster of Commercial and Residential buildings arranged around a new Public Plaza with formation of a new Vista to Michans Church. Outline Proposal stage. Residential buildings to North and South boundaries. Commercial Blocks to Church and Greek Streets.

Commercial Blocks contain retail units at Ground Floor level and Office or other Community service space at upper levels such as Creche, Library or Gym space. 


Possible alternative use of the entire site as a dedicated Legal Campus for University given its location in the Legal Quarter of Dublin.

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