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Brian O Halloran Architects Design Team : Norman Mowatt , Frank Buckley, Chris Bannon, Darragh Murphy. CGI Images by Digital Dimensions

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Client : Smithfield Property Development

Architect : Brian O Halloran & Assoc.

Location : Church St. , Dublin 7

Date : 2005 - 2008

Project Backround

Final CGI images submitted as part of a Planning Application for the 'Kings Building' Office Development in Smithfield, Dublin. CGI Images prepared by Digital Dimensions



Project Description 

Purpose built Office Development comprising 6 Storeys over Basement Parking with provision for > 100 car park spaces. Floor levels designed to be adaptable for purposes of subdivision between 2 or more tenants. Grade A Commercial with B1 BER. Circa 17, 000m2 or 180,000 sq ft net lettable area. 


Due to the large building footprint of 125 m x 42m, DCC stipulated that the apparent scale and massing of the Proposal be reduced by use of several facade projections and subdivisions

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