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Client : Smithfield Property Development ltd.

Design : BOHAA / D. Murphy

Location : Church St., Dublin 7

Date : 2004 - 2006

Project Backround

Early Concept Designs for an Office Building on a Brownfield site at Church Street, Smithfield. A significant portion of the Ground Floor area could not accommodate foundations for the required Superstructure. This was the generator for Design Solutions.

Project Description 

Conceived as an Ultra Contemporary backdrop to St. Michans Church. Extensive use of high spec. glazing was envisaged. Metal fins in coloured stainless steel were proposed to the entrance at Church Street and were carried around the perimetre to subdivide the Building mass into seperate zones. 

I conceived a Truss structure to carry the floor plates which would be directly expressed as a diagonal motive to the Southern Facade . A jewel box effect was envisaged as a backdrop to light up Michans Church after dark. The Proposal was welcomed initially by Planners but Planning was subsequently refused by Council on the basis that the building was not suited to the Location.