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Proposal for Multistorey Corporate HQ /  Campus

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Design Proposal for a Waterfront Site 

Multi Tenant Office Campus with Optional Interspersed Atria.

Potential Cost Efficiencies / Synergies for both Developer and Construction Contractor. Repetition of Forms  + Components, Scalability, Modularity, Constructability. 

Pitched roofs, Asymmetrical Waterfront / Skyline Silhouette, Clarity of Expression 

Iconic and Attractive Building Profile for Owners / End Users / Tenants. 

Eaves = 8 | 10 | 6 Floor Levels respectively.  Center Block Ridge = 65m

Potential Waterfront Sites                                                                                                                                                                    Maps by Google

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Potential Location 1 : Grand Canal Dock - 3 Blocks : 7 Storeys to Street

Potential Location 2 : Cork South Docklands - Catalyst within Local Area Plan 

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Potential Location 3 : London - Waterfront Site : Thames / Greenwich Peninsula etc

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Sketch CGI of Design Proposal in Potential Context as viewed from City Block 19. 

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Aerial View with Adjacent Buildings Indicative

Brief note on Office Layout / Spec etc


The Office Buildings are circa 25m in width and based on a Structural Grid of 8x8m or 8x12m. Internal Configuration of 3 Bays x 8m or 2 Bays x 12m. The Gross Floor area of each Building is dependant on the number of Floor Levels. Floor to Floor circa 4m. 

The Proposal offers Significant Efficiencies in terms of Construction Economics in that the Buildings are largely Identical. 1 Service Core per Building if 6 Seperate Blocks. 2 cores if 3 Blocks. Rooftop Plant concealed by Apex Structures. Office Campus for Multi Tenancy or for occupation by a Single Large Multinational. Buildings have option to be linked by Atria or by Glazed Bridge Structures. 

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Potential Atrium between Office Blocks - Single or Multi Tenancy